Wernick Web Design is an independent digital agency that facilitates the presentation of online information for a variety of organizations & businesses.  While we focus on web and graphic design, we also work in a consultation role in providing our clients with advice on programs to implement and procedures to follow to improve efficiency.

In our modern world, more and more people are using the internet to find information about  your businesses.  The impact of having a functional and remarkable website is vital to a company’s or organization’s success and instilling consumer confidence.  At Wernick Web Design, we aim to design and display your online presence in the most impressive way possible and help your audience find the information they need.

What kind of work do we do? We specialize in many areas.

Website Design and Consultation

We understand that having an online profile is not a extravagance in today’s world, it is a necessity to help your organization grow and develop.

Many businesses today have an online profile but they fail to leave a lasting impression on potential clients. At Wernick Web Design, we strive to create websites that are unique and impressive while not forgetting that your online profile has to communicate information to your visitors. A website is often the first point of contact with a potential client and thus it is important to have a remarkable website so your clients know that you are delivering the best service possible.

There is a tendency for many businesses not to have a webpage because they feel it is too expensive or takes too much effort to overhaul it. We want to tell you; we get it, website developing can be a daunting process if someone is not explaining what they are going to do. As such, we make an effort to inform our clients about their project’s development cycle. Our mission is not only to develop websites and stunning graphics – it’s to keep our clients informed as well.

Graphic Design

Branding your business or organization is an important factor in developing a relationship with your clientele.

Much like creating impressive websites, we understand that having professional graphics implies to your clients that your organization offers more than your competitors. We work directly with you to develop a branding identity that is distinctly identifiable to you. Each logo, email campaign or print poster is an opportunity to leave an impact upon your audience and develop long-lasting relationships.

But, wait, there’s more… We have often been asked to perform photograph enhancement for individuals and events. This can take the form of turning an image into something that is suitable for canvas printing, laying out wedding programs, improving images of life-events for online display – there are numerous situations where images (and their presentation) is benefited from professional graphic design. Photographs are often the only tangible link between a person and their life experiences – so why not have these images looking their best?

Office Solutions

Why not show your employees some love? Wernick Web Design is a firm believer that efficiency makes better employees. The goal is that they’re not bogged down in administrative forms and reports but rather they are focused on doing those tasks that are most rewarding by their completion. The result is that your employees will feel more engaged and fulfilled in their work.

With the range of office programs today, we advise organizations on the most efficient way to operate. This can take the form of implementing online forms that can be filled out on a tablet as an employee meets with a potential client, a workflow procedure that eliminates redundancies, software instructional manuals that are designed for your specific office employees’ roles. There are endless possibilities for improving your office and workflow and, undoubtedly, this yields great results.

Optimization is key in your organization’s success. By using our expertise in various computer programs, we help businesses and organizations develop procedures to operate at their optimal efficiency. In addition, we can also offer customized training for your business’ employees in computer programs.

We use all of our skills to help you achieve success!

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What Wernick Web Design Thrives On

Although we are not the largest company, we make up for it with a strong work ethic to provide you with the best information possible. We firmly believe that achieving success and customer satisfaction are our paramount goals.