Business Overview

Cypress View Foundation is a non-profit organization, situated in Medicine Hat, Alberta, that exists primarily to provide supportive social housing for low to moderate-income seniors. Cypress View Foundation provides housing to persons who, because of financial, social or other circumstances, require assistance to obtain housing.

That is the official description of this facility. During our initial meeting, we were invited to take a tour around the place and their review existing website. We were very impressed by what we saw. The level of care that was provided at this facility was very high and you could tell that the residents and staff were very happy. The facility provided all the amenities a person could want and the staff prided themselves on providing good meals, entertainment, social activities – they even had a designated ‘cat room’ where residents could interact with feline friends!

Their website was another matter. The content of the website was outdated and its pages were tough to navigate. Moreover, the photos used on the old website were old, outdated and they didn’t really capture how impressive this place was. The website also displayed improperly on mobile devices so users had to ‘zoom in’ often and had to scroll to read a bit of text. Our feeling was this place deserved a much better website to showcase what they offer.

Design Plan

The planning stages of how to display Cypress View Foundation took a bit of time because it required special considerations for its website visitors.

We had to address just some of the issues below.

  • The new website needed to stress legibility in its user elements

  • Navigation had to be simplified – so users wouldn’t get ‘lost’ while looking for relevant information

  • Images needed to be enhanced to reflect the facility’s professionalism

  • A variety of photographs was needed to showcase its amenities & activities

  • Implement more interactive features (nieghbourhood map, tour booking, etc.)

Development & Implementation

We diligently implemented our website plan by creating pages, tweaking graphics and enacted interactive features.

Team Consulting

We consulted with CVF’s “Website Team” via online conferencing & email to adjust the new website’s features and content.


We were able to deliver a stunning project to the client on time and with operations manuals for their staff.

Achieving its Aims through Collaboration

Cypress View Foundation’s website now reflects just how great the facility is. It achieves its aims of informing its residents of current events, enticing potential residents, and gives family members peace-of-mind that their loved ones are in an expertly-run facility.

Click and drag the above image’s handle to view the transformation.

Expressing Gratitude

We are sure that the website developed for Cypress View Foundation will be used for years to come and we are proud to have helped out this great company. Our thanks goes out to all the staff involved in the project.

Update: Changing Circumstances

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were tasked with getting the word out to website visitors what steps the staff at Cypress View Foundation were undertaking. As we have stated, we design websites that are adaptable to changing circumstances – this definitely counted as one.

We were able to quickly deploy a webpage and pop-up alert on the website that would direct users to review memos and documentation.