Who we are

We represent Wernick Web Design, an independent graphic and digital agency, located in Calgary, Alberta.

Our website address is: www.wernickwebdesign.com

Our Privacy Policy

Your privacy and security are important to us. We recognize and respect your need for privacy and security as you visit our site. When you visit our site to view any pages, read information, or use our on-line tools, you do so without telling us who you are and without revealing any personal information. While we do not collect identifying information about visitors to our site, we do use standard software to collect information for the strict purpose of tracking activity on our site. This allows us to better understand how many people use our site and which pages and features are most popular. The only information we normally collect and store is:

The name of your Internet service provider

The web site that referred you to us (if any)

The date and time the pages were accessed

The page or pages you requested

There is a contact form on our website. If you have sent us a message through our contact form, note that we record the information that you have supplied in the contact form’s fields in order to ensure that the message sent is seen by an operator of the website. The information you supply us with will typically include information like your name, mailing address, email address, the kind of request you are making, and any other information necessary to fulfill your request. You never transmit personally identifying information that you do not enter yourself. And this is always your option; this information cannot be collected unless you specifically elect to send it to us. This information is used internally only for the purpose of fulfilling the request or for contacting you directly and is not given or sold to any other organization. If you have contacted us through the contact form and wish this data to be deleted, please send an email including your name, email address and the date you used the contact form. We aim to remove your data from our website within 60 days of receiving a formal request for data-deletion. Note that we do not contact you when your request has been fulfilled.

We reserve the right to change our privacy policy. A revised policy statement will only apply to data collected subsequent to its effective date. Any revisions will be posted at least 30 days prior to its effective date. Please note that although we enact security policies on our website, this is not meant to be full-proof and your data could be potentially compromised through illegal actions. Therefore, a visitor and user of our website agrees that Wernick Web Design is not liable for any information that is collected through a data breach. In addition, if Wernick Web Design is subpoenaed by legal authorities to yield its contents of its website, we must comply with local & federal law statutes which state that we may not alter or delete information relating with this website and its contents thereof. Thus, your use of this website acknowledges that your data may be passed on to legal authorities if a formal request is made.

We hope you find our website useful and informative. We are always willing to answer questions and receive suggestions. If you have either, please contact us. Thank you.