The Right Solution Requires the Right Tools

The staff at Wernick Web Design have 15 years of experience and familiarity with various software and technology. If needed, we draw on all of our skills to complete your project. Throughout your project’s life-cycle, we strive to keep you informed of the steps we take to meet the deadlines for your deliverables.

We thought it might be useful for you if we listed some of the skills we use in our projects.

Website Building

Graphic Design

Office Solutions

Using Our Skills, We Are Sure To Help You Achieve Success On Your Project

Our Proven Process

Below is an overall layout of what you can expect during the website building process. For other tasks & projects, the procedure might slightly change but most projects follow some form of these steps.

1. Meeting

Our meetings are very informal and usually take place where you feel comfortable. In this conversation, we will discuss a range of solutions for you based on your needs. We discuss such things as:

  • Your industry and how your business fits into it

  • Your brand, mission and company style

  • Marketing strategy

  • If you have a current website

  • Company logo and images

  • Colour schemes

  • Your budget

After we have a handle on thew work that needs to be done, we can then estimate how much work it will take and when you can expect the final product delivered. If this agreeable, we usually sign a contract of work, arrange for the deposit, and send you a copy of the work requested for your records.

2. Planning

Behind the scenes, we will then come up with a plan on how to meet your goals. In this phase, we plan such things as:

  • Your Logo

  • Image Placement

  • Interactive Features and Elements

  • Website Coding

  • Company Workflow

  • Development Milestones and Installments

During the planning  phase, we may contact you for clarification and/or design decisions. We do this to ensure that the final product delivered meets your expectations.

3. Development

In this phase, our tech-gurus get to work as they follow the plan for your final product. We usually handle such things as:

  • Website coding

  • Database Design

  • Online Applications

  • Graphic Design

4. Deployment

During the Deployment phase, we upload your product to your website to check its look & feel. We also take extensive steps to ensure that the product is tested thoroughly to ensure that it operates in the way intended. In this phase we:

  • Check the overall design for display errors

  • Ensure that the product connects with the back-end smoothly

  • Assess the deployed product versus the original plan

  • Test the product to ensure that its is functional and presents your vision

When we have completed our initial assessments, we usually ask the client their thoughts on the design and if anything should be tweaked.

5. Delivery

At the end of the journey, we will have a meeting with you to discuss:

  • Your impression of the final work

  • How your product operates

  • If there are any differing features from the initial plan

  • Your copy of digital certificates and licenses

  • Instruction manuals for your reference

  • If you require any additional work

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